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    Rights issue with dynamic forms


      I have a dynamic PDF form made with Livecycle. One of my customers is having an error warning when opening the file saying (in french) :

      "Certains droits permettant l'accès à des fonctions spéciales dans Adobe Reader étaient inclus dans ce document. Celui-ci a été modifié depuis sa création et ces droits sont erronés. Contactez l'auteur pour obtenir l'original de ce document." which could be translated as "these documents contain certain rights to enable special features.the document has been changed since it was created and these rights are no longer valid. please contact the author for original version of the documents".

      It seems to only happend when it is opened with reader 7.0.9 and not with 8.x

      Is it related to a specific configuration when passing the pdf trough reader extension ?