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    Connection, FTP & Administration

      I am administering a site that once had a Contribute connection and administrator. There was problems changing the administrator and having the site think that he was editing when he wasn't. I deleted the _mm and _baks folders from the entire site, as well as the _LCK files so that all that is there is the main files for the site to run.

      I have tried creating a connection and it will create the connection, but only goes as far as the point to insert the connection information for the ftp and password and such....then skips directly to enter name and email. It never asks me to locate a root folder (which seems okay by reading troubleshooting), but it also never asks me to choose a role.

      It won't let me create an administrator because it says it cannot "save changes to website's shared settings file". When a user connects to the page, it lets me click edit, but it cannot save the changes and gives and error message.

      I have checked the permissions and they seem fine. I ran the FTP Server Check and the login was a success, but it said "No such directory" for all the root, the root/public_html/, etc. The site is up and running and I can access it via FTP, but I really need to be able to get Contribute up and running on it.

      Any help? Greatly appreciate anything.

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          I am experiencing this same problem. I can create a connection but this is disabled as soon as I try to edit a page. I get the error message: "Contribute has disabled your connection to this website because an unknown error occured. For more information contact this website's administrator"...well that would be me, if only Contribute would allow me to set up Administration and User Profiles on the site, but I just get the same "cannot save changes to website's shared settings file" message that Monique mentions here.

          I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate any help in resolving this, as my client is desperate to get their hands on the site to carry out a load of updates and I need to get it off my hands asap as I'm really pushed for time.

          Thanks very much for any advice you can offer,