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    "Document Security" and "Document Restrictions Summary" different

      Why is there a mismatch of permissions between 'Document Security' and Document Restrictions Summary'?

      I have a pdf file generated with the following security options enabled -- Printing, Commenting (Annotations), fill-in, Content Modification, Assembly. Even though these options show up as enabled in 'Document Security' section of Security tab in Properties (File->Properties->Security->Document Security), they are different to the ones in 'Document Restriction Summary'.

      This results in the inability to use highlighting/commenting tools of Adobe Acrobat Reader (ver. 7 and 8).

      The pdf file is generated using Open Office 3.0 Writer from a file in a .doc (word) format. I have also tried using tools like 'pdftk' with same results.

      According to my interpretation, the 'Document Restrictions Summary' should be in tandem with the 'Document Security'. Am I missing something obvious here? Could anyone kindly clarify how to enable the commenting feature and use it within Acrobat Reader (the free tool)?

      Needless to say this will be environment friendly option, which Adobe has been a strong advocate of.

      Rahul Iyer