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    Unable to save modifed PDF document  with Adobe Reader 9.0


      I am getting the following warning message while saving the document after reviewing the document using the Review and sticky note tools.

      "The document doesn't allow you to save any changes you have made to it unless you are using Adobe Reader 9, Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, or Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9. You will be saving a copy of original document."

      I heard from one other forum that "Adobe has a commercial lock on the
      Fillable Form PDF" and hence we cannot save.

      Initially, I tried with the document which has the "Commenting rights" enabled through Adobe Profession 8.1. And this is working fine.

      Now my question is,

      1. Is this really an restriction with adobe reader 9.0?
      BTW, with Adobe reader 8.1 everything works fine.

      2. Or is this some thing related to usage rights? which we could override ?

      3. If so, Is it legal to override through some form of workarounds.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Hi ,

          After reading, the following statements

          "Adobe Reader 9 drops support for Adobe Reader Extensions 5 and 6 which permit Adobe Reader client software to save changes to filled-in forms in PDFs. Adobe Reader Extensions 6.1 and newer are still supported. Legacy PDFs will still be viewable, however they will open with the warning "This document enables Reader capabilities that are no longer enabled in this Reader version."


          I understood that the Adobe reader has dropped this support. But what does this mean "Adobe Reader Extension 6.1" Does this corresponds to PDF Specification 1.7

          Any help will be greatly appreciated.

          Best Regards,