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    Update never works

      An automated message popped up on my laptop telling that a new Adobe Reader was available to be installed. At the end of the install process, a dialogue box told me that "Adobe Reader 8.1.3 Update failed to install".

      I am moved to write this post because, over the years, this has happened so many times on so many PCs that I have owned or used (as soon as the process started, I mentally told myself "this is very unlikely to be successful").

      There are two aspects:
      1. Why is Adobe's update so unreliable?
      2. Why is the message so uninformative? No information whatsoever is provided about why the install failed, whether I should be concerned or how I might rectify the problem.

      I appreciate that this is free software and so I should not expect high quality but it has happened to me so many times that I am surprised that Adobe are unable to improve their updater's reliability.