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    To accept the Runtime error in version 9 is just outrageous

      Adobe completely off course

      1) Not only did Adobe release a non-working Slovenian version of previous Acrobat Reader (the version that hangs when you try to accept their license), their version 9 of the popular PDF reader has a big issue in Active Directory domain environments because it crashes upon startup if/when user is using redirected Application Data folder. Usually we redirect AppData folder to a network share using UNC path (for instance \\server\share\user\AppData) because it is nice for users to take their application data and settings with them when roaming between computers without the need to implement roaming profiles. But, unfortunately, Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 doesn't support UNC paths. Go figure. In year 2008 when we have Vista, Web 2.0 and all sorts of advanced stuff, they can't support UNC paths.

      The runtime error which results in a crash of Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 is now in its fourth month of existence and still they have not corrected it. I guess MS is light years ahead of Adobe when it comes to application stability&safety.

      2) If you have been looking for trial versions of Adobe software lately, you probably know that you can't download any. Since the release of Creative Suite 4 (CS4) they have not yet made those trial versions available for download. While CS4 versions are not yet available, CS3 versions were removed. So now, at the moment of writing, you actually cannot download any Adobe software to try it out.

      Those are some really "smart" decisions from Adobe lately, indeed.


      Looking very much forward to hear the replies from Adobe, what will they have to say in their defense.