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    Adobe reader 9

      I have downloaded the above, now my question is can I remove all the old copies of previous Adobe Readers? I am trying to clean my pc and want to get rid of all the clutter.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          You can do an uninstall of previous versions yes. In fact, it's not advised to have more than one version on your machine.

          If I remember correctly, the 9 installer will uninstall older versions for you (at least version 8) but it might be better to do it yourself.
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            Mac OS 10.4.11: I could not open pdf docs today (12-24-08), uninstalled & installed Adobe Reader 9.0.0. pdf docs icons changed but open, however cannot open Reader from Applications and get: Adobe Reader
            Version 9.0.0
            Installing/fixing installation

            Then immediately get this error message:
            Adobe Reader could not install correctly.
            Adobe Reader was unable to install a necessary component
            and must quit.

            Any help out there for me?
            Thanks, Tony
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              Yes 9 installer will uninstall older versions, you right..