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    Security warning

      I have some pdf documents on my local network which link to other pdfs. When viewing them via Firefox or IE I am presented with security warning notice (The document is trying to connect to Allow/Block).
      This was not the case with earlier versions of Reader (8.0 for example).
      Also, if I open the file from Reader (and not via IE / Firefox) this error message does not appear.

      Any suggestions on what I can do to get rid of this message?

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          i am trying to work on a publication on cd,and i dont want the save as button functional.pls help has i have found acrobat reader the best pdf solution
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            I am have a similar issue but it happens from Reader 9. I have saved a visio diagrams in PDF that have links to files/other PDFs on a server. When viewed in Reader 9 it asks the same security trust question. I'm sure it is some simple setting. I added the folders as trusted and looked at all the setting. Any suggestions? Thanks
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              After Adobe's auto updater installed 8.1.3 Acrobat 3D, I get the security warning on every page of every PDF downloaded from the Web. There is no option in Trust Manager to allow me to permanently allow all PDFs stored on my own computer as the "allow" option only permits typing in Web addresses. I turned off all possible security options, with ZERO effect. AND Reader 9 was no help: Same problem. If I scrolled a PDF, a warning popped up for every page.

              Oddly, PDFs already stored on my machine did not produce the problem. And if I Export a PDF to PS and use Distiller on it, I get a PDF that works just fine.

              Well done, Adobe developers! You've moved your company ahead of Microsoft on my list.
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                I have the same problem after updater (