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    Error message when printing in Reader 9

      When I print PDF files in reader 9 that are generated from one of our in-house apps I get the following error:<br /><br />"An error exists on this page, Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem."<br /><br />The error has not occurred previously using reader 5,6,7 or 8.<br /><br />The troublesome PDF files are generated using cocoon (java) via xsl. I have stripped the content down to the bare minimum and error persist, below is my .xsl file.<br /><br /><root xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Format"><br />   <layout-master-set><br />      <simple-page-master master-name="simple" page-height="29.7cm"<br />                  page-width="21.0cm" margin-bottom="3cm" margin-left="2cm"<br />                       margin-right="2cm" margin-top="3cm" ><br />         <region-body/><br />      </simple-page-master><br />   </layout-master-set><br />   <page-sequence master-reference="simple"><br />      <flow flow-name="xsl-region-body"><br />         <block>Hello, world</block><br />      </flow><br />   </page-sequence><br /></root><br /><br />I've tried printing to the "pdf" printer, I still get the error and the log file doesn't show any information to help me. <br /><br />I'm stumped because I don't know how to debug the problem in the pdf properly.<br /><br />Can someone help me please?<br /><br />If anyone has an idea of how I can find out