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    PDF Fillable Forms: Is Pro Required to save results?

      I am working on a project for a doctor who processes about 50 forms each day. He emails the forms in PDF format to his clients, who then print them out then sent the to the doctor by fax or via snail mail.

      He then has to pay his assistant to type in all the fields into Word so the results may be saved digitally on his Intranet.

      I would like to find a way to save him time, money and trees.

      My idea is to create the forms in PDF format as fillable forms. His clients could fill them out on their computers, attach a digital signature and then email him the results.

      Would Adobe Acrobat Pro be required for his clients to save the completed form with a digital signature then email the completed forms? Are there any reasons why using fillable forms for this is a bad idea?