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    Need help with different flash player version

      Hi everyone,

      I have a music player that I created, but it doesn't work all of the time. It doesn't seem to be a browser associated problem, so I think it is a flash player version problem.

      I developed the music player with Flash 8 pro, but I can't seem to reproduce the same problem that a couple of friends have had.

      So, when you first launch the player and click play, it gets stuck on "loading..." and never actually plays the song. But for me, on two home computers, and my work computer, it works just fine.

      So, what does this mean? I'm trying to get a sample of data and see if it being cause by the flash player version or now. I have added a small text box at the bottom of the player that says "Flash Player Version " and then whatever player version you are using.

      If you don't mind, and have about 30 seconds, please click this link to my player, and tell me:

      1. What version you are using
      2. Whether or not it actually plays the song.

      Link to Player

      From what I've seen so far, it will only do one of two things: (1) Play the song, or (2) get stuck on "Loading...".

      Thank you so much for the help!!

      Chad (thephatp)