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    Printing error on Laserjet 4200 PCLXL with Adobe Reader 8.1.2

      While printing on our HP LaserJet 4200 with Adobe Reader 8.1.2, here is the error printed by my printer:

      PCL XL error
      Subsystem: KERNEL
      Error: IllegalOperatorSequence
      Operator: SetPageScale
      Position: 3

      I use PCL6 driver and if I use the PCL5 one, I only get a portion of my 11/17 pdf. The PS driver seams to be OK. I didn't have this problem in Adobe Reeader 7.0.8. And I don't have this problem on older LaserJet printers (4000 or 4100) or newer's (4250).

      With PCL 5 or Post Script, it kinda print, but Adobe Reader is not able to get the write size of paper. If I have a 8½/14 or 11/17 document, It can only print in 8½/11 correctly unless I go in printer properties and select manually the size of paper that I want to print on (or the size of the document). I can't keep that resolution because it's to difficult for most users and that they'll keep asking why their document doesn't print in the format it was built in.

      Also, with PCL6, when I choose the write size of paper in the printer's properties, it prints correctly.

      I tried to update the driver on our server, but the paper type of all our 4200 switched to "Etiquette" and we didn't want to pass on all our computers to reconfigure it back to "Normal paper". I also tried to update the firmware on another of our 4200s, but the problem persisted.

      Can you help me to find out what's going on in Adobe Reader 8.1.2 and how I can solve that problem??