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    Adobe Reader 9 install issues

      OK new to this forum so excuse me if I break protocol

      I downlaoded the new adobe reader (version 9) and also clicked ok for the ADOBE DLM Active X
      After download completed, I noticed the following programs added to my system

      Adobe Reader 9
      Adobe Reader 9 installer
      Adobe Air
      getPlus for ADOBE

      Obviously reader9 I wanted. But the acrobat.com and adobe air I do not want.I also got something called getPlus for Adobe which comes from NOS Microsystems so thats not part of adobe.

      1 Did I pull down some malice?
      2. What is getPlus and who is NOS Microsystems and are they part or partner with ADOBE?
      3. I really only wantreader 9 so can I delete Acrobat.com;
      Adobe Reader 9 installer; Adobe Air; and getPlus for ADOBE?
      4. If I delete these above items, will my reader 9 still be secure?
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          Yes, you can delete what you do not need or want.

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            I downloaded (5 times) Adobe Reader 9. At 98.7% of the installation process, I get this error message.."The feature you are tying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."
            "Click OK again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package "AdbRdr812_en_us.msi" in the box below.
            I have no idea where this file may be, and fully expect Adobe to be able to find its own files!
            Since attempting to download Reader 9. I have lost the ability to read .pdf files online, with the error message Can not launch Acrobat".
            After Acrobat -says- it's installed itself, I get this error message...
            "Error 1714.The older version of Adobe Reader 9 cannot be removed.
            Contact your technical support group."
            I am my only technical support group, and really really don't care for this rigamarole, losing "features" I had.
            What is going on?
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              I have been able to downlaod with ease. I don't click ok to the ADOBE DLM Active X. Instead I click to download
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                My questions are:
                1) why is this download program so poorly structured it doesn't include everything it must have, as all previous programs of its type have,
                2) why did it (apparently) wipe out an operational system?
                Doing a search on my system the required "AdbRdr812_en_us.msi" does not exist!
                It should be included in the download!
                All I want is the reader.
                No AIR anything, and yet that comes bundled with the download.
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                  I encountered problem that Windows came up in firefox when I was Download - Extraction - Installation of Adobe Reader 8.1 software. It said "getPlus: Error Cant retrieve essential parameter!" This came up multiple times and firefox would freeze up for a few seconds. Then I got the error message/whatever for firefox, where it says send error report or no and then obviously firefox had to close. I searched on google for this error message and I didn't come up with anything about this error message. The only very resent change is upgrading adobe which was yesterday
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                    Mine is giving me the 1714 error also.... I tried to uninstall all previous versions and it won't let me uninstall 7.0.5 and an update. Now I can't even find the older versions to reinstall so I at least can read my exsisting pdf files. I went to D/L a manual and it locked up a new IE screen til it said "this website is unavailable" when it timed out I presume. I too, only want reader, they can keep the other garbage. Adobe Acrobat/etc kept coming up when I fired up my computer at the start of a session for some strange reason.
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                      Fixed it from another post here. Copied from post: Download and run the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. HTH.
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                        I fixed my problem by doing some of the procedures listed here..
                        I downloaded the Windows uninstaller thing, and ran it.
                        I deleted the 812 installer. And Abode AIR.
                        Then re-ran the 812 installer. That worked, so I stopped there.
                        I doubt I'll be using any more "updates" from Adobe.
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                          Boys, not sure your posts answered my questions
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                            ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                            > Boys, not sure your posts answered my questions

                            The very first post answered your main question. Yes, you can remove the extra apps.

                            Answers to your questions:

                            1 No.
                            2. Partners
                            3. Keep Reader, uninstall (not delete) the rest.
                            4. Yes.
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                              Thanks graffiti
                              I could uninstall acrobat.com, adobe air, and getplus for adobe

                              But I could only delete adobe reader9 installer as it was a folder on my desk top.

                              Now I also notice a file labeled as Updater6
                              located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6

                              the updater 6 files contains the following
                              AdobeUpdater security certificate
                              Adobe Update security certificate

                              Can this file Adobe_Updater.exe be deleted? can the whole updater 6 folder be deleted? It doesn't show up in the programs, so I can't "uninstall" it
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                                Trying everything, need help:

                                Mac OS 10.4.11: I could not open pdf docs today (12-24-08), uninstalled & installed Adobe Reader 9.0.0. pdf docs icons changed but open, however cannot open Reader from Applications and get: Adobe Reader
                                Version 9.0.0
                                Installing/fixing installation

                                Then immediately get this error message:
                                Adobe Reader could not install correctly.
                                Adobe Reader was unable to install a necessary component
                                and must quit.

                                Any help out there for me?
                                Thanks, Tony