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    Printing using Adobe : Is it possible ?

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      I am trying to remain within the Adobe suite of products - but I am finding this decision more and more difficult to justify.
      I find that I am continually frustrated in finding out the smallest bits of information regarding the simplest of functions.

      There are other products that can do what i am trying to do and they are, apparently, very responsive to their customers.

      What I am trying to do is:
      Find out how to print out a PDF form without having to display it on the screen and press a button that says that i want to print it .
      I already know that I want to print it .
      I just want to do it .

      If there isnt a substantial answer to this straight forward request - by today - i will make my decision to go to another software provider and use thir solution .
      This has reached the ridiculous as far as i am concerned.

      I am developing programs in C/C++/C#.
      I am working on a "client" machine - not a server
      I am using Adobe Professional 9.0/ Live Cycle Designer ES 8.0 and Acrobat reader 8.0 and 9.0
      most of the users of the software that I am developing will probably be using Acrobat reader 8.0.

      I would like to automate the printing of PDF forms -
      Can this be done with the Adbode SDK - or the Adobe suite of products.
      i have begun researching Other sollutions and they are able to answer this very same question - quite well - and their prices are reasonable.
      ItextSharp, PDF999 , and others out there can do this very simple easily .
      Can adobe ?