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    print pdf file from a web application in asp.net and C#


      I have a web application written in asp.net and C#. It generates a bunch of pdf file using crystal report. Now I need to batch print all those pdf files from a web page to user's local printer.

      Could anyone provide any suggestions?

      By the way, I found some javascript code which was claimed to print pdf from a web page. But when I tried, the page pops up a warning message:

      "File does not begin with '%PDF-'. "

      Since title of the pop up window is 'Adobe Reader', I guess that the message is emitted by Adobe Reader. Does anyone know what the message mean ?

      My code is :




      function doit() {

      var x = document.getElementById("doodad");






      <embed id="doodad" src ="c:/test2.pdf" width="0" height="0"


      <button onclick="doit()">howdy</button>



      Thanks ahead !