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    cannot view pdf from a secure web site

      I have no problems viewing pdf's normally. But if I am on a secure page (https://), the pdf won't load. This happens on two different web sites, both the Cox cable site and USAA insurance, I am unable to view my statements which are in pdf. I can get around it on the USAA site by choosing to save the pdf instead, and then viewing it locally, but the Cox site doesn't give me that option. I pick a statement month, then it opens up a new tab and goes to a secure page where it appears to try to download the pdf statement- to then try to display in the browser window, I guess? At any rate, there is a little download icon down in the left corner of the status bar, but the progress bar never completes. It just fizzles out and I'm left with a blank page. I had these problems when I used XP Home Edition and nothing has changed under Vista Home Basic. Interestingly, I have no problem viewing my statements on either site from my work computer, which uses XP Pro. I was running Reader 8 on my home system and just recently upgraded to 9, but with no change with this problem. At work Reader 7 is installed.
      So it would appear to be a setting on my computer, a limitation of the low-end OS's, or some difference between Reader 7 and 8/9. I am mystified as to exactly what it could be, however. Anyone have any experience with this issue?

      UPDATE: Found the answer to my problem! Did a little more searching on these forums and found the culprit setting, but maybe my post will help someone else out if they happen to find it first during their search. Anywho, uncheck the Do not save encrypted files to disk under Internet Advanced Options under Tools :)