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    Adobe Reader 9 installation freezes computer

      upon running the installation for adobe reader 9, setup gets to 99.90 percent, then a new window comes up, similar to the installation window. Estimated time remaining gets to 9 seconds, then the installation freezes, and so does everything else. A cold reboot is required...
      I'm currently using foxit reader to read PDFs (Also, programs that print to PDF files cause a similar freeze.

      Computer details:
      Vista 32 bit Home premium.
      3gb ram
      300+gb hard disk space more than 50gb free
      Dell inspiron 530 desktop
      Spyware doctor - Avira antivir - and Threatfire installed

      Interestingly enough, this is being typed in an open firefox window as the installer is frozen, along with the desktop and taskbar.

      Additional details:

      Reader (at that time version 8)
      Along with PDFcreator both worked perfectly on my system
      After reinstalling windows to clear my system *and changing antivirus to Avira - note no security issues are flagged by avira when installer runs*
      Pdf creator went buggy. Pdfs printed by PDF creator would freeze when Reader tried opening them. (Although after restarting the system those same pdfs could be opened)

      An attempt to repair the Adobe reader installation for version 8 failed, Then Opening Reader alone would freeze my computer. And I had to crudely uninstall Reader as a result. *May have left files - but I've scoured the Temp folders for them*

      Anyway, installing adobe reader 9 then led to the error. (Interestingly, adobe reader 9 did appear installed after a cold reboot, and worked, however it dissapeared after the next normall restart.

      &I've tried installing using a new acc, same error.
      &FOxit reader works
      &Adobe version 8 does not appear on my system.
      &All normal computer functions seem to work..(Although a video on Gamespot recently displayed buggy stuff, not related i think)
      &Installations of other programs work
      &i've tried installing in a different directory
      &Spyware doc, Threatfire, and Avira scans come up clean.

      Just restarted *cold reboot*
      The system took a long time to shut down *held the power button for longer*
      And the hard disk didnt stop spinning for a very long time...
      It also took a very long time to start the computer

      Also, running an installer makes me undo the changes made by the adobe reader 9 installation, since it was suspeneded.