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    Acrobat Reader hangs when print or print setup is selected...

    (Captain_Cook) Level 1
      I have a user in our organization with some difficulty printing from Acrobat. All other applications print fine. She has a local post-script printer installed and set as default, and 2 other network printers. When she selects print, or print setup, a span of 2 or 3 minutes goes by before she is given the properties page/option to print. At this point it will print fine to any of the printers she selects. I have reinstalled print drivers, downgraded her to Acrobat Reader 7, tried selecting print as image, and changing her post script options to optimize for portable, but these had no effect... and as I said the problem does not affect printing once the option to select a printer is up. From there you can select any printer and it will roll right out immediately. When I first heard the issue I thought a post script driver would fix the problem, but then when I saw what it was doing I became confused. Its definitely an Acrobat issue, no other programs are affected. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.