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    Uninstall Adobe Reader 8 - Français

      Hail to all :)
      I have been given an old computer which I would like to use for testing programs I might install on my usual PC at work and Labtop at home.
      I have been trying to uninstall Adobe Reader 8 - Français without success.
      Here is the error message :
      Erreur interne 2329. 32, C:\Config.Msi\358d0e.rbf
      After an unsuccessful search with google the last part might be "358d0e.rtbf" that I could have mistaken when recopying.
      Could you please help me in this task ?
      Thanks in advance
      Best Regards Luca

      Edit 1 : I am upgrading to 8.1.3 maybe that might do the trick ...

      Edit 2 : Had a similar problem while installing.
      Here is the error message :
      Erreur interne 2329. 32, C:\Config.Msi\52c820.rbf
      I am doing a repair install function found in the Help section. Hope that will help :(

      Edit 3 : That didn't work I am restarting and trying to remove through Windows tool for Uninstallations. I will post result tomorrow.

      Edit 4 : Unistallation finished before I left :( Still not working here's a new variation of the error message :
      Erreur interne 2329. 32, C:\Config.Msi\195cfa.rbf