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      I am trying to get some help on a project i am working on.

      The scene is quite simple, i have a QTVR objects with hotspots, and want to make zoom in and zoom out buttons.

      the script i have on the zoom buttons is something like:

      "set the width of sprite 1 to the width of sprite 1 * 1.1", same for the height.

      My problem is the following: With DTS enabled when i zoom the QTVR to ocupy the whole stage, it goes on top of my buttons. With DTS disabled, the QTVR pnavigation works fine, but the hotspots aren't working.

      ive tried working with masks, with " member("casa dos bicos").mask = member("mask1") ", but the mask scaled itself to.

      I would apreciate some help on this, as i am pretty stuck.

      Thank you,