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    Uodater taking me for a ride?

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      I checked with a few others who have recently downloaded Adobe Reader6 and they also have the exe for updtaer 6 as Adobe_Updater.exe. I tried a little experiment

      I decided to click on Adobe_Updater.exe from the folder it is in
      (C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\Adobe\Updater6). It pulls up an update for language issues or some such, which I declined to download.

      So I decided to check my NAV 2008 connection log (which shows my internet connections)Clicking Adobe_Updater.exe took me to the following web addresses
      swupmf.adobe.com (
      crl.adobe.com (

      The "names (adobe.com) are fine but when I check the IP numbers using webyield.com I get "no reverse DNS for this IP"
      But when I try to look up the address by number using WHOIS, it doesn't give me adobe, but

      OrgName: Global Crossing
      OrgID: GBLX
      Address: 14605 South 50th Street
      City: Phoenix
      StateProv: AZ
      PostalCode: 85044-6471
      Country: US

      So this is a little concerning. So clicking the updater taking me somewhere that is not an Adobe site?

      your help is appreciated