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    Calling/using a variable from inside a function,,  does Adobe Air garbage collect the variable when function finishes

      What if the local variable was a reference to a library class ? will it still be freed from memory after function finishes execution ?
      The following code resides in one single function:
      var bd =new air.BitmapData(500,400);
      bd.draw(tmploader); //tmploader is a new air.loader
      var encoder = new window.runtime.com.pfp.utils.JPEGAsyncEncoder();
      encoder.PixelsPerIteration = 128;
      It seems like encoder.encode(bd); is causing memory leakage. When commented out (and leaving everything else intact),, the memory leakage symptoms go away.

      The function containing the above code is executed several times (called from within a for loop) to encode JPEG images asynchronously.

      Any hints what could the problem ?