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    Can not open reader after system restore

      I just got a new laptop (so sad, my old XP one died and now I have to learn Vista). Anyway, adobe reader 8 was pre-installed and working without trouble. I had to do a system restore today, and it seems to have caused problems. When I try to open reader from the desktop icon, I can't: an error/pop up says that it can not connect to the web. When I try to open pdf files on the web, they will not open with IE or Firefox. (I can open pdf files I downloaded previously) It has something to do with not signing the EULA... how can I sign it again? I don't want Reader 9.0, and on another thread someone suggested a system restore to solve the problem, but that is what created my problem...
      I also can't have Adobe check for updates (I was hoping it would ask for the EULA again there, but no luck)