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    can't install 9

      I have tried to install Reader 9 to my "new" iBook G4 (10.4.11) several times, with no success.  <br /><br />I downloaded the proper file, un-compressed it <AdbeRdr90_en_US_ppc.pkg> and began the install.  It stopped, and said it couldn't be installed.<br /><br />Just in case the file had been corrupted, I downloaded it again.  Same result.  <br /><br />Called Adobe Customer Service, they said I had to uninstall v4 and v5 (OS 9 versions).  Mac doesn't have a Windows "uninstall" program, so I dragged both apps to the trash, and tried to install v9 again, SAME RESULT.<br /><br />Customer Service rep directed me here....<br /><br />Hell, I'd be happy to have ANY recent version that works on 10.4