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    Help with forms in Acrobat 9

      Using XP and Acrobat 9 Standard:
      I have three questions about working with forms that I don't find answered anywhere.
      1. Can I edit the info in the Document Message Bar? If so how?

      2. Can I join form fields? I want to combine a short text field on one line with a longer text field on the next line so that the info will wrap to the 2nd line. For instance, there is a short question with the rest that line being blank. Then the next line is across the whole page. I want the top line to continue onto the 2nd line. I understand checking the multi-line option in preferences for a form field that is deep enough to hold several lines, but I want that short line to be included also.

      One of my problems may be that I need to have the form available with hard lines for hand completion and also available for those who want to complete it online.

      3. Once I make a form that can be completed online, do I have to 'distribute' it? I just want to upload it to a website so members can download, complete and email as an attachment. Do I have to do anything special to accomplish this?

      Thanks for your help.