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    Uninstall and install

      I have uninstalled reader V8 incorrectly. When I try using KB404307.exe I get "Acrobat transforms update did not find valid installed acrobat product". I have tried all recommended solutions that I can find and I get varying messages.ie: "Internal error 2753 updater.API_NON-OPT" or "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable use source c:\DOCUMENT|ROBERT\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMP\ADOBE READER 8\1" OR "THE PATH c:\DOCUMENT|ROBERT\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMP\ADOBE READER 8\ACROREAD.msi cannot be found" and sometimes "error 1714 the old version 8.1.3 cannot be removed". I am not over sharp on PC.s but I should be able to follow some good advise. all I want is to get V8 or V9 up and running.
      Thanks someone.