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    Adobe reader: there was an error opening this document. this file cannot be found.

      Windows XP Professional sp2 machine
      512 memory
      ie sp2

      when opening two pdfs from a website links receive the error, "there was an error opening this document. this file cannot be found"

      If you save the file to the pc, then open the .pdf it opens ok

      other pdfs open ok from browser from same website and different websites

      had customer try on another's machine; the two pdfs opened ok

      tried Adobe Reader 8.1, 9.0, and Adobe Professional 8.0

      uninstalled reader and professional; deleted directories; reinstalled reader and professional(placed into a separate directory); same error

      On the machine tried admin accounts, under customer's profile made admin account, renamed the customer's account so that another account was freshly generated, all generated the same error.

      Ran ccleaner to clean up files in the registry and temporary internet files, then repaired adobe - same error

      repaired internet explorer - same error

      scoured web for same error but most were applications trying to open the pdfs, a few errors were for programming php, a lot of questions but few answers in context of current issue. the ccleaner and repairing ie were resolutions i found on the web.

      nothing was listed in msoft's ie knowledgebased searched.

      any help would be appreciated.