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    Printing from context menu or external program, how to set page scaling defaults?

      We often receive large blueprints in Acrobat format and need to print them on 8"x11" paper. This is fine if you are actually opening up the Acrobat file and changing the Page Scaling options.

      The problem we are experiencing is when these files are printed from another program or from right-clicking on the file and selecting print.

      The Page Scaling option in this case seems to change its self to "none".

      Is there a way to set the default options for use when printing from external programs or the context menu?

      Timothy Grabrian

      P.S. There is an archived post (quoted below) that asks the same question with no answer.

      "How to change Default page scaling

      Jim Hill - 03:40pm Feb 19, 2008 Pacific

      I would like to know how to change the default print page scaling to "Fit to printable area".

      I can open the PDF and choose the scaling for "Fit.." and it prints okay, but if i just right click the PDF and click on "Print" it is incorrect and not using "Fit to printable area".

      so - how do i change this default? "