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    Using a licensed SAPI-5 voice with Reader does not work right...

      Thank you in advance for any help anyone can lend me concerning this issue.

      I have problems with my sight, and use the 'read out loud" function of every program that offers it, and I have a purchased, licensed voice, SAPI-5 from Cepstral that I like, and can hear especially well. It is not robotic, and cost me some bucks. When I try to use it in Adobe Reader, current version, I hear the voice, but it constantly announces that it is not licensed - but it is. I have the receipts and supporting information.
      According to Cepstral, the maker of the voice, it has been tested with and works with Adobe Reader. So, what am I doing wrong, please? The voice works properly with "SwiftTalk" and my licensed "TextAloud" by NextUP software. It's really a godsend. I really need to use it with Adobe reader to read PDF files, and it should work.

      Is there a registry edit, or something like that, I can perform to make my licensed voice read a,loud from Adobe Reader, rather than it's built-in voice, which I can't l;isten to for long befiore I have to stop using it, it's so un-lifelike, comparted to what I have purchased.

      I'd be really awfully grateful for the help. Cepstral says ask Adobe, so, here I am. I am including my real email address, in case anyone wants to work with me directly on the problem.

      Thanks again, and Happy Holidays to all!

      Dean Allen