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    View Multiple PDFs in tabs in ONE window in ADOBE 9

      OK...so after hours of uninstalling and reinstalling adobe 9 to get past adobe's multiple error messages and running CHCKDSK and Windows registry cure I finally get Adobe reader 9 to work, only to find out that

      I can not view multiple pdf's in one window in tiled tabs. Basically I need to have several pdf's open in one window in adobe. I'm a student and writer and deal with multiple e-books at once for dissemination and I do not want them open in multiple windows, just one window with multiple tabs.

      In adobe 8 this option was in preferences. It does not exist in adobe 9. I can not have all these pdfs open in different windows, I want multiple pdfs to open in one window.

      This has been a very frustrating evening dealing with adobe 9. I wish I would have never installed it in the first place. I probably won't be buying 9 pro, its pretty crazy that there are all these frustrations. This whole thing with the Error 2330.Error getting file attributes C:\Program Files\AdobeReader 9.0 GetLastError:1392 which I finally fixed myself and then to find that there is not any way to view multiple pdf's in one adobe 9 window--at least according to what can be found here on adobe, I'm just in tears. I'm not a technical person and I have things due on monday. This is very frustrating.