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    Adobe Reader 9 will not complete installation

      I downloaded (successfully, I thought) Adobe Reader 9, although I did get an error message as follows: "Error 1322. A portion of the path exceeds the length allowed by the system." I clicked "OK" (the only option available) and it seemed to continue, including "removing older versions," etc. until it told me the download was successful. When I noticed that Adobe Reader 8.x was still in my list of programs and on the desktop next to Adobe Reader 9 Installer, I went in to complete the installation and got the same pop-up "Error 1322" message.

      I did a restart (I'm running Windows XP Pro on a Dell Inspiron 5100) and was still unsuccessful. I've never had a problem installing or updating any other versions and am stumped.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!