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    Collecting data  with Reader

      I just installed Acrobat 9 after not having Acrobat Reader on my computer for a couple of years (been using Foxit et al). After a long-standing unresolved problem with Foxit I just installed Acrobat tonight and have a question about data collecting or whatever that window said it would do. I was given a rather unnerving window, asking me if I wanted Adobe to collect data or monitor this or that...and i checked the box that said "No," and then I clicked OK. I decided not to click Cancel, as I thought this might give me this same window the next time I opened the program.

      One choice I have is uninstalling it--but it did display large pdfs much quicker than it had before I stopped using Acrobat, so I'd like to keep it on my hdd.

      My question--by clicking "OK," did Acrobat think that I want to let it collect data? I looked in the Preferences for some way to find an option to tweak this, but of course I couldn't find anything.

      Is there a way to look at what Acrobat thinks I've checked?