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    Adobe Updater overloads data line while updating from Acrobat Reader 8.1.2 to 8.1.3


      I'm from germany but I'm doing my best to get you understanding me.

      I'm experiencing some problems updating Adobe Reader from version 8.1.2 to 8.1.3 in our company. Our users have no administrative rights on their PCs and therefore are not able to install any update manually. That's why I want to use the Adobe Updater.
      We're also using a proxy which doesn't allow our users to download any *.exe files. I configured Adobe Updater to search for Adobe Reader updates once a month.
      But then from time to time our data line was fully overloaded. When I checked the logfiles of our proxy I mentioned that Adobe Updater tried to reach ardownload.adobe.com for more than 1500 times in only 3 hours from only 1 PC. This means that nearly every 7 seconds ardownload.adobe.com has been contacted by one PC. When I deactivated Adobe Updater the problem was solved. So it seems to me, that Adobe Updater is the reason why our data line get's more and more loaded by this update function.

      What is happing during the discovery of available updates and wherefore does Adobe Updater tries to download the same file for more than 1500 times? Does anyone have an answer to this? If you have any proposal to solve this problem I would be glad if you answer me. And let me add that I don't want to grant our users access for downloading .exe files :-)

      Thanks so much