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    Updater causing Intruder Lockouts after users change their passwords.

      Acrobat Reader 9.0 updater on a number of my systems is attempting to contact http://swupmf.adobe.com/manifest/60/win/reader9rdr-en_US.upd through our proxy server. Our proxy server requires authentication with a valid Novell user ID and password. Reader stores this ID and password information after the first valid authentication following a Reader installation. If my users change their passwords, the updater program uses the old password info and causes my user's accounts to become locked through a Novell security feature called Intruder Lockout. Because the update is failing, the updater continues to try which is setting the lockout about 8 seconds after the Novell account is unlocked manually. I need a means of disabling the updater and the Help, update, preferences followed by a re-boot is not stopping it. I've read most of the posts regarding the Updater and can't find a workable solution. Help!!!