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    Digital signature/signature pad in Reader question-help!

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      Hey folks. Here's my problem:
      Recently, a client of mine sent me a form on which they'd like me to test out a digital signature pad. The form they created has a signature field at the bottom, and has been created using Acrobat version 9, I believe. This form has also been enabled to accept digital signatures and can be saved, as well, with the signature intact.
      I'm testing out the signature pad today and it works wonderfully when using Acrobat-we have version 7. However, when we try it in Reader we aren't having any luck.
      The signature pad is by Topaz systems and uses their SigPlus software-after you install the software you can install a plug-in specifically for Acrobat. According to their website, you can add and view eSignatures in Acrobat 6 and 7, and it also enables Reader 6 and 7 to sign PDFs created with Adobe Document Server for Reader Extension.
      For Acrobat 8 Standard or Professional you can add and view eSignatures. You can also do this in Reader (Reader requires Acrobat 8 Pro "Advances>Enable Usage Rights" application).
      For Acrobat 9 Standard or Professional the same rules apply as for version 8, just with version 9 instead of 8, obviously.
      I really need to get this working with Adobe Reader. I've updated Reader today from version 7 to 9, thinking that would work as I'm certain my client used version 9, but still nothing-when I go up to preferences in Reader to set the default signature method as Signature Pad, I don't get that option.
      Do I need to have the same version of Acrobat and Reader installed on the same computer to get this working?
      When I installed the SigPlus software, it didn't even give me the option to install this to Acrobat version 9-does that mean I should stick with 8? How can I get it working with 9?
      The bottom line here is I'm pretty desperate and could use some help!