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    Hyperlink in PDF to relative file does not work

      I am creating PDFs from Java and the PDF contains a link to a relative file which is distributed along with the PDF. When the link is clicked, the file is opened with the OS default program (written by us). At least that is how it is supposed to work.

      How should links to relative files be formatted?
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          Perhaps relative links to files are not allowed. My Adobe Reader 9 running on XP SP3 sees text such as file:///C:\GanttV1.pdf as a hyperlink, but I have not been able to find anything which works as a relative link. If Adobe Reader cant do this, then perhaps somebody would like to suggest it as an upgrade. However to make it useful, I think any relative links should use the path of the file from which the document was loaded, not the directory set by the previous save.
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            Thanks for the reply Daterson! This could be a nice new feature for Adobe Reader, but our reports are cross format, so this solution should work in HTML as much as it does in PDF.

            I think this problem stems from the fact that launching a different application from a hyperlink in PDF is neither secure, nor cross platform. Therefore, I think the support for such an action doesn't exist in PDF, but also in other formats, which we would also like to support.

            If anyone comes across a clever idea or technique for this problem, I would love to hear it!