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    Adobe 9 Viewing Problem - Lines being chopped off

      Our older documents can not be read in Adobe 9 and it appears as if each row is being chopped off horizontally. Sometimes there will be an error message, "Cannot extract the embedded font 'F0'".

      All searches on this shows that this was a bug when Adobe 8 was first released and a patch was produced to fix it.

      Anyone know of a solution? It's really affecting us.

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          I am having the exact same issue with Adobe 9. I have tested this problem by opening the same PDF in Adobe 8.1.2 & FoxItReader 3.0, and the text displayed properly in both..so I know it's not an issue with the file.

          I don't get any error messages with the file, but I ran an Accessibility Check and here's what it says..
          "This document is not structured so the reading order may not be correct. Try different reading orders using the Reading Preferences panel."

          I have tried pretty much everything in the Reading Preferences to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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            anyone have any suggestions for this particular issue?
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              I'm having the same problem and it's disconcerting. I'm running Windows XP SP3 and PDFs from certain sources (all external) will not render properly; the bottom half of each line is missing. I've opened these files with Preview (Mac) and Foxit (Windows) and they render fine, so it's not the PDF file.

              I checked the file properties on the files that don't work and they have the same basic properties as files that do work (PDF version 1.3). I tried changing numerous settings in the Preferences of Reader with no luck.

              I finally had to uninstall 9 and install 8.1.3 to get around this issue.

              Adobe needs to address this problem.

              D. Haines
              IT Manager