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    QUestion - Adobe PDF Linker Helper (IE Add-on)

      We have a web based (ASP.NET) tool to author HTML content. Authors can create/edit HTML content, preview, and save the file as PDF. A 3rd party component- abcPDF is used to convert HTML into PDF. The converted PDF form will be distributed to consumers. The PDF typically contains Text Boxes and a Submit button. Users may enter data in text boxes and click the Submit button. This action submits the form to an ASPX page using HTTP POST. The response will be rendered as HTML in users browser (IE 6 and above).

      Clicking the submit button in PDF should *always* open the HTML (returned by the server) in a new browser instance irrespective of browser setting. It should not hijack (overwrite or reuse) existing browser instance that may be active in users computer. Currently it hijacks existing browser instance (if one available).

      After several hours of analysis we found the Adobe add-on : "Adobe PDF Linker Helper" is the one causing this issue. When we disable this, the browser always opens in new window!!!. We want to understand the implication of disabling this add-on. Can this behaviour be changed without disabling add-on.

      Please help!!