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    Error black & white printing


      We have a networked printer which is set to default to black and white. This works in all applications except Acrobat 8 or 9. When a user prints using Acrobat the print comes out color, even when we ensure the black and white radio button is checked.

      How do we get Acrobat to not override the selected settings and print all pdf's in black and white?

      Thanks in advance,

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          Nemuri13 Level 1
          Lottar...you might try clicking on the Advanced button in the Print dialog and then checking Let Printer Determine Colors. Not sure if it will work but something to try. Good Luck!
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            Hi Gene!

            Thanks, but this doesnt work...i already tried it, and now is activated, but this isnt the solution...i found in internet that another person had the same problem but they didnt find the solution...Let's see if we can...please help! and thanks again to Gene, but this wasnt the solution...
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              PDF documents that I create using Corel Draw X3 do not appear in the correct colors as a pdf in version 9. This has caused a big problem when I create artwork to send to a printing plant as a pdf file. Strangely, once I downloaded and installed Foxit Reader I am able to see the pdf files as they are supposed to appear. I didn't seem to have this problem with Adobe Reader v 7. Anybody else having similar problems?