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    Acrobat Reader 9 Crashes PC When Opening 2 Documents Simultaneously (2D Graphics Acceleration Relate

      Hey all,

      Weird issue. I noticed my Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 crashes when opening two PDF's simultaneously. The first one opens just fine. The second one, a new window opens, but there's only black inside the 2nd Reader window. It finally (after way too long) begins to show the document, and then I get a blue screen of death with a fault in nvlddmkm.sys, the nVidia display driver for my video card. It says it was unable to reset the display drivers, dumps the memory, and reboots. One interesting note is that if I close the "black" window before it blue screens, I can continue using the computer with no crash. It's only if I give it time to try to display.

      I already found the temporary fix for this, which is disabling 2D Graphics Acceleration in the Acrobat Reader (Edit -> Preferences -> Page Setup). Fortunately I'm on a fast computer, so this doesn't affect performance much, but it still obviously isn't ideal, and I'd like to see the problem resolved.

      I don't experience this problem with any other programs at the moment, so I'm thinking it's an issue with Adobe's product or possibly the nVidia drivers, but thought I should mention it and see if anyone has any other possible fixes where 2D Graphics Acceleration can remain enabled.

      Thanks all!