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    Can print as image from acrobat but not from reader

      Hello experts over there.

      My customers bank sends statements in single page pdfs.
      On adobe readers screen file looks lovely.
      When printed directly from reader garbage appears whenever there are cyrillic letters in text (show place is Bulgaria).
      Strange thing is garbage prints also when readers 'print as image' is checked. no change regardless of state of 'use local fonts'.

      Same behavior with reader 9 as well as reader 8.1.3.
      Garbage prints from acrobat as well (version 8.1.3 professional, but prints ok when acrobats 'print as image' is checked.

      Since it is highly unlikely for the bank (unicredit) to change pdf production process, which i am sure is substandard, what can be done on users computers save buying acrobat to be able to print from reader?

      Printer is LaserJet 4 plus but this is irrelevant, since reader doesn't print even on Microsoft Office Document Image Writer (driver version 11.03.8166.02).