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    Reader 9.0  &  .NET WebBrowser Control

      Has anyone here had problem viewing PDF document inside IE Browser (.NET WebBrowser control) in their application?

      I have a WinForm that contains WebBrowser inside, and whenever user clicks
      HTML link that leads to opening PDF inside this webBrowser Control, the application freezes for about 30 seconds and then finally pops up a message saying "There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Please exit ... and try again."

      I have tried many suggestions posted on this forum and none of it worked for me.

      1. Disabling 'display PDF in browser' option in preference setting in Adobe Reader 9.0 surely works. But the point is to open the document inside this WebBrowser control, not from Adobe Reader program

      2. If I bring up the web page using normal IE (6.0) and try the link,
      then I have no problem viewing the PDF inside it. It's only when I try it with .NET WebBrowser that it doesn't work.

      3. Editing registry doesn't help.

      4. Never had this problem with Reader 8.0

      So, the problem has got to do something with Reader 9.0 & .NET WebBrowser (that is basically IE 6.0)

      Thank you for your help!