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    Page to page PDF links under Linux

    Jack DeLand Level 1
      I am posting here at the request of Adobe Tech Support, which was unable to solve my problem. I have created PDFs from FrameMaker 8.0 p277 to make a simple menu hierarchy. The menus link using markers and the Adobe recommended syntax, which I copied from their reply (gotolink). The links work on my test machine and on another box under Red Hat Enterprise Linux *sporadically.* I have followed all the naming conventions, etc., and we have set environment variable and path correctly. Originally, our machine was using gnome desktop and PDFViewer by default. When using Reader for Linux 8.1.2, the links failed - sometimes. When I upped it to 8.1.3, the links failed - sometimes. There is no pattern that we can discern. If it was only one machine, I would blame that environment, but it isn't. Our UK machine has the same *sporadic* problem.

      The links work under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and HP Unix just fine. In fact, Windows will take apparently take just about any link command.

      Tech support says that they don't support Linux.

      Any ideas gratefully accepted.