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    Converting Open Office doc to pdf Issue

      Im using Acrobat Reader 9 on a windows vista pc and converted an open office document into pdf format. I noticed that the imported images in the document were a little distorted insider the pdf view of Acrobat Reader 9.

      I opened the same pdf file inside an older version of Acrobat on a windows xp pc and the images look how they should.

      My question is, is there a reported issue with Vista or Open Office with Acrobat Reader 9? Maybe with regard to converted documents.

      It could be a graphics card issue (GeForce 8600GS) but my other office applications work fine and display okay - Visio and stand-alone Open Office.

      Thanks for any reply?
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          Further observations - image seems to be corrected or at least looks better at 118% as opposed to what I was originally viewing it on at 100%. I guess a question is - can pdfs distort at different %'s?

          I also tested the conversion on Acrobat.com so it doesnt appear to be Open Offices' conversion system.

          -not the first issue Ive had with this , always seems to be the image Ive inserted into the Open Office Document though ; sometimes having two pdfs open can distort this image also.

          Either an Acrobat issue with Vista or maybe my gfx card?!