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    Reader 9 uninstallation nightmare - want to clean up all Adobe files

      I have such a mess going on on my computer. It all started when I downloaded and installed Reader v9....with no problems. I then noticed that previous Reader version v8 was not uninstalled, so I tried to uninstall v9 with Windows uninstall feature (control panel) in order to cleanup v8. This turned into a nightmare because of acrobat.com and Air that came along with v9. I couldn't get rid of all newly installed features/files. I kept getting error messages...so many I can't remember them. I downloaded Windows Install Cleanup but this wouldn't work either...similar messages as with Windows uninstall. I even tried my TuneUp Utilities 2008 to uninstall, but similar problems. I also used this program to clean up the registry. Finally I reinstalled Reader 9 and then its uninstall feature as well as all the others I've just mentioned. The result is that buried all over my hard drive are Adobe files that show up when I do a search for "Adobe", but show that the specified paths do not exist when I try to access them. So, what I want is some kind of Adobe cleanup tool that will get rid of everything on my computer (Compaq/Vista Home Premium SP1) that has anything to do with Adobe. Will Adobe provide this? I've used one from McAfee before. Help!