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    Buttons do not work!

      You can see the swf here:

      Notice that the scroll bar works, but the arrows do not.
      Can someone help me with the code to get them working?

      You can download the fla here:

      Thanks so much!!


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          kalibahlu Level 1
          There are tutorials online here and there, if you google something like "as2, scrolling code", or similar keywords.
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            Hi Steve,

            I'm new to flash/actionscript so I could well be wrong....

            but, you haven't called the arrows by an instance name (the scroll icon is called and referenced in the script by the name scroller_mc) nor are there any button functions referencing them - i.e. upBtn.onPress, downBtn.onRelease, etc.

            I'm looking in the actions layer of main/symbol 1/scrollbox - am I looking in the right place?