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    "Internet Explorer 6.0 has encountered a problem and must close" when trying to download of Adobe Re

      I've used a long time the Adobe Reader 6.0, but lately it could not open in the browser many pdf files written with the new Acrobat applications. Then I tried to download Adobe Reader 8.1.3 from the Adobe site, understanding that Reader 9 still has some bugs, and I got really stuck...

      It seems that the root of the problem lies in an Active X add-on for IE (gp.ocx , published by Adobe Systems Incorporated).
      After releasing a lot of security limitations on the browser, I've finally got:
      "IE has encountered a problem with an add-on and needs to close".
      The following add-on was running when this problem occurred:
      File: gp.ocx
      Company Name: Adobe Systs. Inc.
      Description: Adobe DLM

      I have verified that this ActX add-on appears as Enabled in the list of IE add-ons, but I could not update it (may be it is old or rough enough to stop IE 6.0 in a XPpro sp 2 environment. An intent to disable it caused another Installation failure. A trial to update it resulted in an announcement that it is not clear where to update it, if any.

      Does anyone have any idea how to solve or at least skirt this problem?
      I shall more than appreciate it very much !!!
      Thanks in advance!