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    Cannot install Adobe Reader 9


      I have problem to install Adobe 9 on two Terminal Server.
      Windows 2003 French R2 SP2 with Office 2003 and all Microsoft Updates.
      Previous version of Adobe Reader was 8.1.3.
      When I install Adobe Reader 9, I have this error message (translated from french):
      "Program have not enough rights to access folder: c:\document and settings\all users\application data\adobe\acrobat\9.0. Impossible to install.
      Open an administrator session or contact your system administrator."
      Of course I'm Domain Admin. And I have access to the folder.
      I have try to manually create the folder 9.0 in c:\document and settings\all users\application data\adobe\acrobat\ and it gives me the error:
      "Error when creating the folder "c:\document and settings\all users\application data\adobe\acrobat\".
      I test with an other admin account, and with the "run as" command, same problem.
      I have test Adobe Reader 9 in english: same error:
      "Error 1303. This instsaller has insufficient privileges to access this directory: c:\document and settings\all users\application data\adobe\acrobat\9.0. The installation cannot continue.
      Log on as an administrator or contact your System administrator."

      It's very strange because now, I cannot reinstall Adobe Reader 8.1.3, or 7.1.0. Nothing happen when I click on the icon.

      I never have trouble on those servers to install/uninstall applications. And never have trouble to install Adobe 9.

      Any idea? I will make some searches about the #1303 error.

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          I have try this solution for the same error for other Adobe products:

          Ok, it works.
          I have to apply full rights on folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\application data\adobe for the local admin group, and not the domain admin, and it works. :)