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    To ADOBE >what is this nonsense with >censored words<?

      I think I have posted about 150 posts to this forum, I cannot imagine or remember to use ever a >censored word<.
      I wanted to post now 2 messages and twice I am not enabled to send, a popup will inform me, that I am using a "censored word" in my text. Sorry, but this is nonsense. I checked my text and could not find any "censored word" in it.
      How you people imagine that this should work? Also to write a message to this forum cost some time, included code needs to be prepared and so on...and at the end on "Post Message" your nonsense popup appears.
      If it would at least name the "censored word" then the error could be fixed,
      but not like this, sorry, very unprofessional.
      with best wishes for a better future,