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    Older Reader and Newer reader

      My boss has some CDs that has some service manuals for his hobby cars on them. They require Acrobat Reader 4.0 to view. The CDs have 4.0 on them so you can download it. When I tried to download it I got a registry error but his manuals still open. He has Reader 9.0 (the newest one) already on his computer (running Vista) that didn't get removed with the 4.0 instal. I know that different versions of Adobe products can conflict with each other but now that I have 4.0 "somewhat" on there with 9.0 he can't view PDFs in his browser (he usually uses AOL).

      Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix his dilemma? He needs both as far as I can tell but I think there is a conflict. I'm not an IT person but I CAN follow directions. HELP!!!!